Lear--Spring 2016

Classically Female Series

Lear may 9-29, 2016

Lear is one of Shakespeare’s most unforgiving tragedies; at the play’s center is the question of human dignity. It also delves into some of the greatest fears a human can experience--going mad and dying alone. Lear is the story of an aging Queen who decides to divide her kingdom in three, a region for each of her daughters. It is only through the loss of her status and her mind, that she learns what is truly important in life--Love.

The cast features Joanna Daniel, Kathleen McManus, Jennifer Alice Acker, Kristin Storla, Kirstin Calvert, Mary Ruth Ralston, Dani Heard, and Julia Weeks.

Kellsey Hook serves as Stage Manager, Jessica Fern Hunt & Hayley Platt serves as Co-Costume Designers.

Performances of Lear will be at the 368 Ponce (Formerly know as The Big House On Ponce) 368 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 Rain or Shine. 

In the case of light rain the show will continue outside (we'll give you a poncho) In the case of inclement/catastrophic weather, we will hold to see if the front will pass or move to the indoor theatre at 368 Ponce. *Tickets will not be refunded due to weather.*