We Offer Several Different Classes Throughout The Year In Addition To Private Coaching.  Classes are taught by Doug Graham or Jessica Fern Hunt unless noted otherwise.



  • One on one in depth coaching on any monologue

  • Perfect your monologue for your big audition, or help gain a better understanding and create a more confident performance for your current role.

Rate: $75 per hour

Audition Workshop

  • Make every moment of your audition work in your favor
  • Learn how to memorize & confidently present one new monologue
  • Develop powerful grounding techniques that help you deal with nerves
  • Discover how to answer common—and unexpected—industry questions

Maximum of 6 Students
Meets 4 Sessions
Tuition: $175
Class duration: 2 hours


Shakespeare Scene Study

  • Put your technique into practice
  • Rehearse and perform full-length scenes
  • Develop your acting chops
  • Learn how to work with a director
  • There will be outside rehearsal time expected with your scene partners

Maximum of 10 Students
Meets 6 Sessions
Tuition: $250
Class duration: 2 hours


Doug is a trained professional with expertise in monologue coaching, audition preparation, Shakespeare scene study and performance. 

Jessica is a trained professional with expertise in Shakespeare scene study, Modern Realism scene study, and audition preparation.